Why Buy Hardwoods Decking?


While most softwoods expand and contract, hardwoods hold their shape better and billow less toxic smoke than composites. While hardwoods are not as cheap as pressure-treated pine, they are also much more durable and stable. Even the cheapest species, Ipe, is almost double the price of pressure-treated pine. There are no standard grading standards for hardwoods, so it is important to look for a clear edge on two sides.
Among the most popular materials used in decking, ipe is known for its durability, decay-resistance, and uniformity. Ipe comes in 100% heartwood and is a deep reddish brown colour. The ipe is very attractive to the eye, with a smooth surface that requires almost no maintenance. It is also extremely durable and can be treated with Messmers penetrating oil to prevent rotting.
Ipe is also an excellent choice if you are on a budget. It starts at $2.29 per linear foot for 14s, while alternative hardwoods may cost anywhere from $1.55 to $4.30. If you add half a board to your deck, the price will be reduced by up to 25 percent. Additionally, some companies offer warranties ranging from three to 25 years on some hardwoods, which excludes minor issues and insect damage. It is important to choose a reputable supplier, since hardwoods must be kiln-dried to prevent rot. Check out this article to learn more about hardwood decking.
Choosing the best wood for your deck is an important decision, and it should be done with utmost care. If you do not want to spend a fortune on hardwoods, you can opt for composites, which mimic the rich appearance of ipe. Composite decking is durable and looks like real ipe, but without the high price tag. A little research is needed to make the right choice for your deck.
One of the best ways to protect your deck is to clean it regularly. Wood does not absorb stains or oils, so you can easily wipe away dirt and debris with a garden hose and spray nozzle. It is also recommended that you regularly refinish your hardwood deck. If your decking is gray, oxygen bleach and oiling are two simple ways to restore its shine. And if you have children, these two steps will go a long way in keeping it looking its best. Click here to learn about hardwoods.
Hardwood decking is not as durable as composite decking, so it is important to consider the maintenance and installation costs before making the final purchase. As mentioned, hardwood decking is more expensive and difficult to install, but its natural beauty makes it well worth the expense. Softwood decking is cheaper and easier to install. However, because hardwoods are slow-growing, they are not the best choice for all situations. It will be necessary to treat your softwood decking before you install it, to protect it from fungi and various insects that can cause problems with your hardwood decking.
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